API Overview

Convenient access to your institution's data


API Endpoint


Authorization headers and session based for GraphiQL explorer


Institution-wide: Institution data, courses, participants, activities, reviews, summary data

We're actively working on expanding our API to cover more use cases and be friendlier to use. To stay up to date, see our changelog.

Learn GraphQL

GraphQL is an API standard used across many websites (Facebook, GitHub). It's a big step from querying with REST. Take a dive into our GraphQL primer below.

Introduction to GraphQL


Create an access key and learn how to authorize with the API.



Try your first query with the Eduflow API.


Learn Eduflow's structure

Check out the object graph for an overview of how data is laid out in Eduflow.

Keeping up to date and sharing your ideas

Check out Eduflow's Canny changelog to see our latest activities. For upcoming changes, see our Roadmap where you can vote on features and suggest features and enhancements to Eduflow and the Public API.

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